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Hey everyone!! BIG NEWS!!  I have been getting a really positive response from reader in all FOUR of my blogs!!  Didn’t know I had four blogs?  Well, I most certainly do…

1.) Beauty and More

2.) Fitness and More

3.) Weddings and More

and finally…

4.) DIY and More


Well, this Miss Moore is COMBINING ALL of her blogs INTO ONE!!  Tracking who visits where- I saw lots of people starting out in DIY and hoping over to Beauty and then tracing back to Fitness, and so on…  And while that is great for me [so glad you all enjoy my posts!], and great for you [so glad you come back for MORE!]; I want to make it less of a hassle for my readers.  I have a couple readers who subscribed to multiple blogs- and that is just a lot of e-mail to get every time a new blog has a new post!!


So, no need to hope all over the place connecting from one blog to the next just trying to get to the London page that you like…  ALL blogs will be incorporated on

London Moore: Beauty and More!!

While being a makeup artist is one of my biggest passions- beauty can extend so far from just cosmetics!  Creating a body that you feel beautiful in; finding secrets and inspiration to make a beautiful day out of tying the knot; and putting together do-it-yourself projects that you can be proud of for making your life beautiful on your own terms!!


So, I am going to be leaving these blogs behind [perhaps not forever- but indefinitely], and you can find all of your London Moore interests on:

Check out the blog, and although it may be JUST beauty now- it is going to start evolving into all the areas of interest!!

By subscribing to the blog- the first thing you’ll receive is my “For Subscribers Eyes ONLY: TOP 10 Beauty Tips from London & Back“.  You’ll learn tips to keep you at your most beautiful self long term, and short term quick fixes for the beauty “to-go” orders.  It pays off to be a subscriber!!




4 Ways to JUMP START Your Weight-Loss Transformation- Modeled After 34yr old Mom Who Got Her Hot Bikini Body Back!!


[this post was relocated to LondonMooreBEAUTY]

30 Seconds to Sexy- shaping up is faster than you think!!

Getting in shape does take time and dedication- there really is no way of avoiding that.  BUT you can make it as painless as possible by switching things up in your routine & workout life!!  If you are not having fun while you are working out- you are doing it wrong!! 

I say this from experience because when I was in the best shape of my life- I was working out in group sports or dance; anything active I did in a group because that made it feel no longer about getting in shape, but more about having fun together!  If you are getting bored in your workouts maybe it is because you need others around you to keep you entertained-PLUS it could also be that you are doing the same mundane things over and over again…

30 seconds to sexy is the ideal that praises the CIRCUT training method!!

Our workout group at Ripped Body does circuits workouts every single meeting.  This means that we are always switching up gears, doing different stunts and positions, always interested because what we do one day is not what we do the next!!  THIRTY SECONDS… that is all you need to keep progress going and improvement showing!!  Plus, a week ago- if we had to do 40 seconds of push-ups I might have keeled over and died right then and there…  But after just a week of doing the 30 seconds circuits, I already feel my strength getting better- and I could make it to 40 seconds of push-ups.  50… Maybe not.  But by next week I am sure it will be possible!!

Getting the body you want is centered on SHOWING UP to get it!!  We have a girl inour group who is a hip hop dancer and wants Janet Jackson abs!!  I mean seriously- who doesn’t… But Michelle is making it her goal to have those rockin’ Jackson abs.  How is she planning on doing that?  Showing up ALL 3 meetings a week, and going 30 seconds at a time… Everyone 30 seconds down is a 30 seconds closer to her goal!!

I personally want Michelle Obama arms!! Man, our First Lady has the sexiest arms!! And I could do mindless reps along in the gym for 20 minutes- OR I could take it 30 seconds at a time, with perfect form while having a blast with my fitness girls!!  

I really believe that 30 seconds is a motivator… In 30 seconds you could: pick out a tattoo, say “I love you”, or purchase a one way ticket to a foreign land!  Most GREAT things you experience over  a period of time [the whole- “good things take time” issue], but for those of us who are either just too impatient of too excited to wait- we need to set better goals for ourselves!! Yes… getting Janet abs might take a bit longer than 30 seconds…  But accomplishing the goal of doing a workout move for 30 seconds is a task you can finish and check off the list!

Distract yourself while you are waiting for the long term outcome to arrive!!

I am all about the fast pace accomplishments…  I like things that take time- but I am a busy lady, and sometimes I just need something on the go.  30 seconds to sexy doesn’t just stop at circuit training!!  Check out my download later in the week- a 5 Minute Mom Makeup Tutorial- for women on to go!!

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