Fitness Bliss 101: The “Day-Off” Workout

With all the dieting pills available today it is beyond obvious that people want to get in better shape in the easiest and most convenient way possible! They want to lose weight, tone up, and be a better, healthier, sexier version of themselves [well, who doesn’t?!].  The problem with dieting pills is usually that you are giving your money away for something that will not only NOT give you the body you want, but it also is generally not FDA approved and has some serious risks involved.  So you are compromising your bank account, your desire to live a long and healthy life, and you are not even getting anything out of it- no booty like Beyonce, no abs like Shakira!  Nonetheless, people use these gimmicks [and lets face it! that’s what they are!] because we all want to get as thin as possible without putting in the long hours at the gym…

Mama Fitness always claimed that in order to get amazing results to make you Tyra-Banks-Worthy, you needed to do cardio for at least 40 minutes so your heart rate could get to the “fat burning zone” and start to do some damage control.  But then after that 40 minutes you needed to keep your heart rate up and do weights [or some form of toning exercises] in order tokeep your fat-burning-heart-rate working throughout your body!! Oh and P.S. you should do it 5-6 times a week to really see results, and 3-4 if you’d like to get to your fitness goal by the end of the year…… I am exhausted just describing this process!! And that didn’t even include warm-up and cool down.

I did those kind of workouts for over a year, and always felt like I was getting no where.  And surprise!! By the end of the year- I wasn’t anywhere near I wanted to be.  Jokes on me…. My gym was that much richer and I was that much unhappier!!

So after putting in the hard long hours at the gym, and still getting no where I wanted an easy way out!!  And that is when the Day-Off work out system reeled me in!!  The work out group called “Ripped Body Boot Camp” in Solana Beach & Carmel Valley only advises for the members to workout in our group 3 days a week- and to take the other 4 off!! More days of rest and relaxation than working out?! Yes please!!  Not only that- but when those 3 days a week do come around to work out, it is only for 45 minutes!!  Gym workout timing- that is only when you are staring to burn the calories… At Ripped Body Boot Camp, you are done by that time, and you have burning more calories and received a better and funner workout than ever possible in the lonely gym where everyone is silent.

On the day off system- the instructors Rob & Diana even advise you to not to workout on your resting days because you get that much of a kick ass workout in 45 minutes than you ever would alone at the gym in 80 minutes!  If you are considering a gimmick that would screw with your health, drain your pockets, and still leave all your weight in tact then consider this: working out at Ripped Body Boot Camp LOOKS like the gimmick answer because it is so easy and convenient.  However instead of keeping your fat intact- it will melt away!! And your health will be better than it was at 16!!  Who can argue that this method even has a down side?!


half the battle is sparking your motivation

Everyone has to start somewhere!! When it comes to fitness and health that is the BIG equalizer…

For me- I promised myself almost 3 years ago that I’d get back into the shape that I felt most comfortable in- and then things like my gluten allergy hit as well as my new found love for Moet champaign & Almond Joys… Who knew?!  So for the past 3 years I had  felt all the motivation I thought would eventually make me stick to my fitness plan- alas, it turned out to be just enough motivation to make me try a whole bunch of things that didn’t work for people like me; people like YOU!!

Okay, so if we rule out running [because not only has it not ever been my strong suit- but I can’t be in my head for that long with nothing else to do… too much going on up there…], then that leaves home work out videos or gym exercise.  Let me tell you: I have done both- and for a fair amount of time, which makes my “experimenting” with these options viable.

I worked out at “Fitness” gym for over a year, almost 3-4 times a week and  I would do the elliptical [my version of running], and then weights.  I also would use my heart rate monitor while I was working out to make sure my h.rate was always in the “fat burning zone”…  After a year of doing the whole hassle [you gym-ers know what I am talking about: getting ready your water, towel, workout clothes, clothes for after your work out, ect, ect…] I decided my money wasn’t being put to good use since my fitness level had hardly increased.

I next tried home-video work outs… It is a rare gift to be the type of person who can not only clear a large enough space somewhere in their house 3-4 day of the week in order to work out- but then be motivated through the whole hour or two of the freaking video!!  And believe you me- I tried easy exercises [like dancing workouts] to mid-range [regular push-up, crunches, squats] to the intense [P90X]…  I did my research!!  But none of these videos were working out for me- and I thought about why…

People are social and competitive, and most times need correction and positive reinforcement!

Most people [so don’t think you’d excluded from that!] need a group work out in order to see results.  In a group the members feed off each other, which increases the fun and the competitiveness to do more! do better! and not just against the other people, but against yourself as you start to see improvement.

So this is my new theory- and as always I am putting it to the test!!

I am joining a group workout club that meets in Solana Beach/ Carmel Valley [in San Diego, CA], and since I am sure my theory is right- I am going to document my journey in getting healthy again!!  I’ll review the group and see what secrets they know, and tips they can help all of you with.  So my first workout is this Saturday morning… Stay tuned!!

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