Idiot In Front Of The Camera Tells TRUTH About Exercise Increasing Energy & Productivity

I believe to all who know me- it is a well known fact that I turn into an idiot in front of camera.  It doesn’t matter WHAT kind of camera…. I just morph into a person 2x the ridiculous amount of crazy that I already am… Been doing it ever since I was a kid- some things just don’t change.


No matter what kind of ridiculousness I was acting out [for all that is good and holy, London….] I was completely honest about what our workout group has done for me in only 2 WEEKS!!

2 weeks!! how do you like that ; )

Only after 2 weeks I saw SERIOUS improvement OUTSIDE my physical workouts.  Seeing improvement in your body shape takes time- however, It only took me 3 workout sessions to realize that on days that I worked out I got 3x as much done that day!!

Everyone has their worries and stressers, but I have been searching for a job for so long that it started to affect my sleep.  I would go 48 hours without sleep, and if I could sleep it would only be in the mornings from 9am until 1pm.  Hardly a good routine to be in…  But once joining the workout group I was able to get more sleep- probably because my body knew it needed a resting period!! Plus, our group finishes on week days at 6:45/7:00am…  For a long time that sounded waaaaaay too early for me to be getting up to make breakfast, let alone go workout somewhere…  But after the first exercise morning- I drove away more awake than I had been in weeks!!

Exercise is “good for you”…  That’s great- we all “know” that, but what is not always told is that IF you have a big work presentation coming up and you need to get a lot of work done- one of the BEST things you can do to get the jobs done: GET EXERCISE!!  Working out for body for just 20 minutes wakes you up infinitely more than a power nap does!!

So what do you have going on this week? This month? This YEAR!!

-Are you planning a wedding and want to get in shape AND have the energy to plan all the nitty gritty details that go into weddings?

-Are you a mom that wants to get back into your pre-pregnancy jeans AND have all the energy it takes to keep up with your toddlers, or even worse teens?!

-Are you intensely focused on your career/goals and want to boost your productivity in those areas?

Our workout group in Solana Beach is where ALL of thoooose kind of women [which is ANY AND ALL] come to meet for 45 minutes in the morning, have out “girl time” as I ridiculously put it, get in a SOLID workout, and then go out and TAKE ON THE DAY!!


So do you have a way that you are helping yourself out with your body shape?  Do you have a routine that created a path for success in your weekly/monthly/yearly goals?  If not…  Comment or subscribe to the blog- I want to get you hooked into our group!!  It is Ripped Body Boot Camps [AKA Busy Moms Fitness] goal to help 400 women in the San Diego area get into the shape they want, as well as implementing a routine and path that will lead all 400 women to success in whatever they choose!!

Here is Marnie who works out in our group- a mom of 2 boys and an amazing woman:

Subscribe to the blog and you’ll  be sent a download for my BUSY MOM 5 Minute Makeup Tutorial- all women should have an easy/fast makeup go-to for when times get hectic- and I have created that look and show ya how it’s DONE!


30 Seconds to Sexy- shaping up is faster than you think!!

Getting in shape does take time and dedication- there really is no way of avoiding that.  BUT you can make it as painless as possible by switching things up in your routine & workout life!!  If you are not having fun while you are working out- you are doing it wrong!! 

I say this from experience because when I was in the best shape of my life- I was working out in group sports or dance; anything active I did in a group because that made it feel no longer about getting in shape, but more about having fun together!  If you are getting bored in your workouts maybe it is because you need others around you to keep you entertained-PLUS it could also be that you are doing the same mundane things over and over again…

30 seconds to sexy is the ideal that praises the CIRCUT training method!!

Our workout group at Ripped Body does circuits workouts every single meeting.  This means that we are always switching up gears, doing different stunts and positions, always interested because what we do one day is not what we do the next!!  THIRTY SECONDS… that is all you need to keep progress going and improvement showing!!  Plus, a week ago- if we had to do 40 seconds of push-ups I might have keeled over and died right then and there…  But after just a week of doing the 30 seconds circuits, I already feel my strength getting better- and I could make it to 40 seconds of push-ups.  50… Maybe not.  But by next week I am sure it will be possible!!

Getting the body you want is centered on SHOWING UP to get it!!  We have a girl inour group who is a hip hop dancer and wants Janet Jackson abs!!  I mean seriously- who doesn’t… But Michelle is making it her goal to have those rockin’ Jackson abs.  How is she planning on doing that?  Showing up ALL 3 meetings a week, and going 30 seconds at a time… Everyone 30 seconds down is a 30 seconds closer to her goal!!

I personally want Michelle Obama arms!! Man, our First Lady has the sexiest arms!! And I could do mindless reps along in the gym for 20 minutes- OR I could take it 30 seconds at a time, with perfect form while having a blast with my fitness girls!!  

I really believe that 30 seconds is a motivator… In 30 seconds you could: pick out a tattoo, say “I love you”, or purchase a one way ticket to a foreign land!  Most GREAT things you experience over  a period of time [the whole- “good things take time” issue], but for those of us who are either just too impatient of too excited to wait- we need to set better goals for ourselves!! Yes… getting Janet abs might take a bit longer than 30 seconds…  But accomplishing the goal of doing a workout move for 30 seconds is a task you can finish and check off the list!

Distract yourself while you are waiting for the long term outcome to arrive!!

I am all about the fast pace accomplishments…  I like things that take time- but I am a busy lady, and sometimes I just need something on the go.  30 seconds to sexy doesn’t just stop at circuit training!!  Check out my download later in the week- a 5 Minute Mom Makeup Tutorial- for women on to go!!

$525 in Gifts AND a Slammin’ Body

I just received my first freebie-gift today!!  

With Ripped Body Boot Camp, when you sign up to work out with them and keep up the good work, they give you $525 in gifts!!  I know that sometimes personal training and work out groups can be on the pricey side… BUT I love that with this group, and this group ALONE, you can practically get reimbursed for your workouts!!

I received a $200 gift of a photo shoot with MTran Photography!!  Marilen [the photographer] has a gorgeous portfolio and the gift covers a full photoshoot!! I don’t have to pay anything…  I am always thinking that with “gifts” they’ll give you a $20 voucher for a hair cut at an amazing salon- when really the average cost of a haircut is $90, so if you did decide to use it you’d still be out 70 bucks…  But sooo not the case with Ripped Body Boot Camp!!  

I’m thinking I am going to do a graduation shoot!! I graduated from college this past Spring, and it was such a busy time for me that I never really go to celebrate!!  Well, thanks to my workout group- I now can!!

If nothing else, it is just nice to know that people appreciate you…  On the card I got from the owners of Ripped Body Boot Camp it said: “Mattie- you are the coolest… We’ll have to talk surfing!  This should come in handy for the photos with your friend!  Treat yourself… You’re making big changes and that deserves a reward! -Rob & Diana”.  

Sometimes making the choice to workout is difficult… it takes motivation to get up out of bed in the morning, makes you sore the next day, costs money, and sometimes you just really don’t feeeeel like doing it….  I guess I feel the drive to go to my workout group, not only because they are the best at what the do [a woman in our group has already lost 33lbs. in one month!!], but also because I know that me showing up means something to the group!!  I am appreciated there and it really shows when they are willing to basically hand you back your money in fun rewards.

Look- I am not claiming to be an expert at fitness!!  I am actually an expert traveler and makeup artist.  Neither of which specialize in physical training…  I do know however, that everywhere I have traveled [yes, even in Morocco], and every woman whose makeup I have done- all have one MAJOR thing in common…  We as women- want to feel beautiful!!  And feeling beautiful starts from the inside and works its way outward!!  Working out with my group works on your outside- and they appreciate your inside!!  What better way to display that for all to see, than in a photo shoot!! 

Visit my blog for the next post to find out steps to take in order to feel beautiful.  And please contact me if you’d like any info on my workout group and their $525 in gifts!

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